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The problem: Increasing driver stress is a burden on companies

High traffic volumes, higher order volumes for parcel and delivery services, staff shortages and the increasing speed of our society are leading to ever higher stress levels, especially for drivers. Stress can trigger serious physical illnesses. Typical examples of physical illnesses caused by stress are Cardiovascular diseases such as high blood pressure, cardiac arrhythmia or heart attacks.

  • The result: irritable driving behavior, higher accident rates and higher absenteeism rates due to sick drivers.
  • The result: less efficiency and even greater staff shortages.

The solution: the Fairfleet Eco app

With the Fairfleet Eco app, we offer drivers a valuable tool for a stress-free and more relaxed driving style. While driving and almost in real time. This is not about controlling the driver, but about providing real help by mirroring your own driving style.

The display gives the driver direct feedback on his driving behavior.

The added value of the Eco app:

Experience with the Eco app shows that most drivers make measurable changes to their driving behavior.

The result: less driving stress
Other pleasant side effects of a stress-free and relaxed driving style are:

  • Reduction of energy and fuel costs
  • Reduction ofCO2 and pollutant emissions
  • Reduction of particulate matter pollution
  • Reduction of noise pollution
  • Reduced maintenance and wear
  • Reduction of accidents and accident severity
  • Increased passenger comfort / fewer accidents
  • Positive external image

Cost savings due to less engine idling

Additional added value

The Eco app helps to prevent avoidable engine idling. It detects unnecessary engine idling and informs the driver to switch off the engine.

Exceeding the daily idling time by just 20 minutes adds up to 80 unnecessary engine operating hours per year and driver on approx. 240 working days. In the case of a bus or truck, this means a fuel consumption of approx. 280 liters and produces approx. 0.730 tCO2 (for a diesel vehicle).

Reducing unnecessary engine idling is therefore good for you, for all of us and for the environment. All these factors improve our living space and maintain our health.

How the Eco app works

The Fairfleet Eco app works in conjunction with Geotab telematics data (assuming an appropriate tariff) from the vehicle. Through a coordinated assessment of various factors, we actively support you in your driving style.

Prerequisite for use

A vehicle with a Geotab Go device and a Pro or ProPlus tariff is required to use the Eco app. For vehicles in the Basic tariff, only the ride registration can be used. The use of the driver registration and support for stress-free and economical driving is free of charge for Fairfleet customers.

On which vehicle types can the Eco app be used?
The type of vehicle is irrelevant. The factors described above apply to all vehicle types, regardless of the type of drive. Whether diesel, gasoline, gas or electric vehicles or fuel cell vehicles and whether cars, vans, light trucks and heavy trucks, solo buses or articulated buses.

What else can the Eco app do?

As a basic function, the Eco app in all Geotab telematics tariffs offers the option of logging on to a vehicle. A variety of reports can support and relieve both the driver and his employer.

How can the driver use the Eco app?

The Eco app is available in the Google Play Store and is ready to use in just a few steps. The prerequisite is that the smartphone is online during operation. Use of the Eco app is free of charge for Fairfleet customers.

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