Fleet management



A mobile application for driver registration and to support a stress-free and economical driving style.

The Fairfleet Eco app is integrated into the MyGeotab portal by creating certain rules and a sophisticated assignment of rights. An add-in is not required. The registration on the Fairfleet Eco app takes place with the user data from the MyGeotab portal.

After setting up the Eco-App rules and the corresponding assignment of rights, a test drive should take place. Here, the set control limits should be deliberately exceeded. If installed correctly, the rule violations are displayed on the display in near real time.

Under the item “Reset password”, a link is sent to the stored e-mail address and the user can assign himself a new password (assuming authorization).

The document on setting up and integrating the Eco-App can be obtained from our support

The Fairfleet Eco app supports the driver with symbols (emoticons) on the screen in a stress-free and relaxed driving style without distracting him from the road traffic. For the company, fuel savings, wear reduction and accident reduction are important effects.

Inside the Fairfleet Eco app, in the right menu under the item “Information” or under