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DB Regio Bus builds on Fairfleet’s expertise

Geotab Telematics System and Fairfleet Eco App

Since the beginning of 2021, the time has come: DB Regio Bus is on the road with the Geotab telematics device and the Fairfleet Eco app. DB Regio Bus is thus proving once again that it is doing everything in its power to improve the situation for drivers, passengers and the environment using innovative methods.

DB Regio relies on the Geotab telematics system

With a fleet of almost 10,000 vehicles – including around 5,000 of its own vehicles – DB Regio Bus is the market leader in local transport throughout Germany. In order to move this extensive fleet easily and environmentally friendly, the company relies on a competent partner: Fairfleet.

Faifleet has equipped DB Regio Bus with the Geotab telematics system, which transmits all the relevant data it needs to manage its entire fleet in real time. Via satellites, not only the position, speed and direction of travel of the vehicle can be read, but also relevant data on the condition of the vehicle. DB Regio Bus uses this for optimised maintenance and servicing of the buses, for accident analyses and for the management of fuel cell and electric buses.

In addition to savings potential, DB Regio Bus is also achieving significant improvements in the area of sustainability thanks to Geotab GO. As the company confirms, unnecessary idle times were reduced by 40% in 2021, thus reducing the burden on the environment by around 1,400 tonnes of CO2.

Fairfleet Eco-App stress-free driving for efficient work

As an ideal complement to the Geotab GO, DB Regio Bus has been using the Fairfleet Eco app since 2021. The Eco app accesses the data collected by Geotab GO and signals the driver’s own driving behavior in the form of striking symbols.

This direct feedback clearly shows the driver when he is in a stressed or hectic driving mode and thus offers him the opportunity to actively counteract. An extensive test phase has shown that this feedback is positively received by drivers because it significantly reduces daily stress during driving. In addition, a quiet driving style has been proven to reduce fuel and energy costs, reduce the risk of accidents and wear and tear, and increase passenger comfort. DB Regio Bus’ goal is to reduce its annual CO2 emissions by up to 15,000 tonnes by using the Eco-App.

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