It couldn't be simpler

The digital
Fairfleet logbook

The digital company logbook

Simple, flexible and efficient

We’re putting an end to paperwork: Fairfleet’s digital logbook offers municipal utilities and transport companies a fully digital solution for operational use. The versatile functions cover all legal security requirements and can be controlled intuitively. This benefits both your drivers and your accounting staff, as the tedious and error-prone manual transfer of data is no longer necessary. All journeys can be called up digitally at any time and maintained centrally via the admin tool.

The advantages are e.g:

  • Minimization of administrative expenses and reduction of costs
  • Simple trip reason assignment by the driver
  • Faster for the driver to fill out than the analog logbook
  • All data available at a glance at any time
  • Central rebooking of trips and trip groups possible
  • Automatic foreign detection and breakdown of fuel consumption (domestic/foreign)
  • Detailed trip report
  • Monthly overview report
  • Subsequent booking
  • Overview report

Maximum overview for maximum benefit

Many solutions collect data without offering users any added value. Fairfleet’s digital company logbook therefore also prepares the collected information in user-specific dashboards. The presentation is based on the real needs of our customers. You see exactly the information you need for your decision-making and process optimization – no more and no less. In addition, filter functions and other smart features make working with the dashboard and interpreting the data as easy as possible.

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