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The Fairfleet diagnosis

Solve problems before they become expensive

Defects in vehicles not only cause repair costs, but also lead to delays and breakdowns. The satisfaction of your customers decreases. To prevent this from happening, Fairfleet Diagnose offers municipal utilities and transport companies a digital solution for the automated recording of maintenance data and error codes. The telematics sensor forwards the information directly to the technicians, who can use the data to carry out targeted prioritization. This means that minor problems can often be rectified before the vehicle breaks down.

The advantages are e.g:

  • Transparent overview of all vehicles in the fleet
  • Protocols for incorrect data
  • Early detection of technical defects
  • Lower repair costs
  • Decreasing vehicle downtimes
  • Diagnostic data

Customized dashboards for maximum added value

While many platforms collect information, there is often no added value for users. Fairfleet Diagnostics takes a different approach and prepares the collected data separately in user-defined dashboards. These dashboards are designed according to customer requirements so that they receive exactly the information that is relevant for their decision-making and process optimization. Filter functions and other intelligent features also simplify working with the dashboard and interpreting the data.

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